Table 2

Patient workstreams within the new integrated sexual and reproductive healthcare service

Zone/clinicTime (min)Presentation/procedureStaff requirements
Zone A40Cases of severe pain, PEPSE, sexual assault, herpes, rash, lump/pain in testicles, rectal discharge/pain, pain with IUD in situConsultants or senior clinicians holding Dip GUM or Advanced STIF Competency
Zone B120For GUM and contraception (excluding above presentations) with two clinicians working from the same streamClinicians with DFSRH/Intermediate STIF competency
Zone B2(20 min/appointment)A second workstream as aboveAs above
Zone B: implants30Walk-in implant proceduresLOC SDI
Zone C20‘Screen & Go’ for patients who are asymptomatic (includes triple-site testing if necessary), or require pregnancy testing/adviceSuitable for an HCA
STIF Fundamental competency
Booked clinics30–40IUD clinics including emergency IUDs, complex contraception clinics, complex GUM clinics and training IUD/implant clinicsConsultants or senior clinicians with appropriate training and qualifications (eg, LOC IUT for IUD, FSRH-registered Trainer qualification for training clinics, etc.)
  • DFSRH, Diploma of the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare; Dip, Diploma; GUM, genitourinary medicine; HCA, healthcare assistant; IUD, intrauterine device; IUT, intrauterine technique; LOC, Letter of Competence; SDI, subdermal implant; STIF, Sexually Transmitted Infections Foundation; PEPSE, post-exposure prophylaxis following sexual exposure.