Table 4

Logistic regression examining predictors of lack of sexual competence at first sex, results adjusted for all other variables in table column (Women)

Outcome: not sexually competent at first intercourseAORModel 1P valueAORModel 2P value
95% CI95% CI
IMD quintile
 1: Least deprived10.23310.291
 21.190.81 to 1.741.180.78 to 1.78
 30.990.68 to 1.430.960.64 to 1.44
 41.440.99 to 2.071.430.97 to 2.12
 5: Most deprived1.260.87 to 1.821.220.83 to 1.81
Education level of respondent
 Studying for/attained further academic qualifications10.02010.067
 Academic qualifications typically gained at 16 years1.341.02 to 1.761.220.91 to 1.63
 No academic qualifications1.811.07 to 3.081.871.06 to 3.32
Ethnic group
 Mixed1.750.87 to 3.521.470.74 to 2.93
 Asian1.540.67 to 3.522.851.10 to 7.41
 Black3.221.26 to 8.224.671.62 to 13.45
 Chinese and ’other'1.660.60 to 4.582.970.80 to 11.01
Family structure
 Both parents10.02910.245
 One/neither parent1.341.03 to 1.731.180.89 to 1.56
Main source of information about sexual matters
 Lessons at school10.07110.536
 Mother or father1.380.92 to 2.091.330.85 to 2.09
 Friends1.481.09 to to 1.67
 Other1.250.90 to 1.721.150.80 to 1.64
Ease discussing sex with parents at age 14 years
 Easy with one/both10.09610.137
 Difficult1.580.93 to 2.671.510.90 to 2.54
 Didn’t discuss with either1.391.02 to 1.901.390.98 to 1.95
 Varied depending on topic0.940.50 to 1.770.910.47 to 1.76
Sex before age 16 years
 Yes2.602.00 to 3.382.932.20 to 3.90
Relationship with first sexual partner
 Steady relationship1<0.001
 Just/recently met for first time4.842.71 to 8.64
 Known each other a while to not in steady relationship3.952.81 to 5.56
 Used to be in steady relationship2.951.45 to 6.01
 Married/living together0.140.02 to 1.21
Partner’s first time too
 Yes to partner’s first time1<0.001
 Think it was first time3.901.62 to 9.36
 Think it was not first time2.291.21 to 4.34
 No to not first time1.521.14 to 2.04
Age difference between respondent and first sex partner
 Same age10.639
 Partner younger than respondent1.400.70 to 2.81
 Respondent younger than partner1.040.79 to 1.37
  N unweighted14321432
  N weighted805805
  • AOR, adjusted odds ratio; CI, confidence interval; IMD, Index of Multiple Deprivation.