Table 2

Summary of experiences of women who discontinued intrauterine device use at 1 year

Standard IUD usersMini IUD users
Issues reportedAttsInvestigationsReason for discontinuationIssues reportedAttsInvestigationsReason for discontinuation
HMB, prolonged periods1PT, CT/GC, TVSProlonged periods, IMB0Acne
1HMB, longer periodsHMB, pain3PT, urinalysis, CT/GCHMB, pain
Dyspareunia, LAP, discharge1Microscopy, CT/GCPain0IMB, dyspareunia
Prolonged bleeding1PT, CT/GCProlonged bleeding0Patient's choice, not required
Expelled IUD0Expulsion0Discharge, recurrent BV
HMB, painful periods0HMB, painful periodsThreads not felt2PTTo conceive
Pain1CT/GCPainHMB, pain2PT, CT/GCHMB, pain, partial expulsion
HMB1HMB0To conceive
HMB, pain1PT, CT/GCHMB, partial expulsion0To conceive
HMB, longer periods1HMB, longer periods0Expulsion
0Not stated
Pain1PT, CT/GCPain
Pain1Partial expulsion
Pain, prolonged bleeding1Pain, prolonged bleeding
1Pregnancy. TOP referral
PID, HMB, pain1CT/GCPain, prolonged bleeding
HMB, prolonged bleeding0Prolonged bleeding
  • Atts, number of additional attendances prior to IUD discontinuation; BV, bacterial vaginosis; CT/GC, vaginal swab for chlamydia and gonorrhoea testing; HMB, heavy menstrual bleeding; IMB, intermenstrual bleeding; IUD, intrauterine device ; LAP, lower abdominal pain; PCB, postcoital bleeding; PID, pelvic inflammatory disease; PT, pregnancy test; TOP, termination of pregnancy; TVS, transvaginal ultrasound scan.