Table 1

Mapping of study interventions (reference numbers) across target populations in included studies (n=61)

Type of counselling intervention studiesTarget population
Women choosing methodWomen initiating methodAll FP service usersWomen undergoing abortionPostpartum womenNon-FP service usersCommunity-based
Digital decision-making tool21 23 30–32 81
A+YW28 29:
Provider training and paper-based decision-making tool25 33 34 362660
Structured counselling on side effects39–41 92
Tubal ligation scoring42
Provider training in counselling, clinical and/or logistical skills25 27 44–495771
Content of counselling67 68 72
Provider training + telephone counsellingA+YW38:
Additional provider counselling (including motivational interviewing)54 58
Additional video counsellingA+YW53:
Telephone-based automated messages or counselling (additional or in lieu of face-to-face counselling)A+YW37:55 56
Leaflet or video vs face-to-face counselling69 70
Individual vs group counselling (with/out alternative timing)20 22
Number/timing of counselling sessions63–65
A+YW61 93:
Patient coaching50
Peer counsellingA+YW80:
Systematic contraceptive counselling74–76
Husband or couples counselling435977 78
  • Numbers refer to study references.

  • A+YW, adolescents and young women (author definitions, upper limit <30 years old); FP, family planning.