Table 2

Summary of intervention effects

InterventionRCTAdolescents/young womenUseUptakeContinuationSwitchingSatisfaction – methodSatisfaction – services
Interventions targeting women choosing a contraceptive method
 Digital decision-making toolsChewning 199928Two sites:Embedded ImageTwo sites:Embedded Image
Dehlendorf 201781Embedded Image
Garbers 201221 201223Two trial arms:Embedded ImageTwo trial arms:Embedded Image
Hebert 2018 33Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
Kofinas 201429Embedded Image
Koo 201730Embedded Image
Sridhar 201531Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
 Provider training + paper-based decision-making toolsFarrokh-Eslamlou 201434Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
George 201535Embedded Image
León 200336Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
Nawar 200425Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
Interventions targeting women initiating or requesting a method
 Structured counselling on side effectsCanto de Cetina 200138Embedded Image
Lei 199692Embedded Image
Modesto 201440Embedded Image
Patel 200341Embedded Image
 Tubal ligation scoringDemir 200642Embedded Image
 Paper-based decision-making toolChin-Quee 200726Embedded Image
 Provider training + telephone counselling in one armBerenson 201256Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
 Educational text messagesCastaño 2012 61Embedded Image
 Husband counsellingAmatya 199479Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
Interventions to improve FP service quality for all service users
 Provider training in counselling, clinical and/or logistical skillsGibbs 20164318–25 years old:
Embedded Image
18–19 years old:Embedded Image
Jain 201224Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
Kim 199244Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
León 200345Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
Madden 201346Embedded Image
Sanogo 200347Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
Sapkota 201748Embedded Image
Wu 200349Embedded Image
 Patient coachingKim 200350Embedded Image
Interventions targeting women undergoing abortion
 Additional counsellingBender 200458Embedded Image
Davidson 201553Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
Schunmann 200654Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
Smith 201555Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
Whitaker 201651Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
Zhu 200952Embedded Image
 Mode of counsellingFerreira 201120 201522Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
Lohr 201856Embedded Image
 ContentLangston 201060Embedded Image
Savelieva 200357Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
 Husband counsellingAbdel-Tawab 199759Embedded Image
Interventions targeting postpartum women
 Number/timing of sessionsAdanikin 201364Embedded Image
Bolam 199863Embedded Image
Gilliam 200493Embedded Image
Kaewkiattikun 201761Embedded Image
Vural 201665Embedded Image
 Timing/mode of counsellingSmith 200266Embedded Image
 Mode of counsellingAkman 201070Embedded Image
Proctor 200669Embedded Image
 ContentFatima 201871Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
Hardy 199868Embedded Image
Ndegwa 201472Embedded ImageEmbedded ImageEmbedded Image
Tomlin 201762Embedded Image
Torres 201867Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
Interventions targeting women attending services other than FP
 Systematic provision of contraceptive counsellingGillespie 200974Embedded Image
Grubb 201873Embedded Image
Lee 201575Embedded Image
Embedded Image
Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
Yassin 200576Embedded Image
Community-based interventions
 Peer counsellingFerguson 199880Embedded Image
 Couples counsellingEl-Khoury 201678Embedded Image
Lemani 201779Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
Terefe 199377Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
  • Each dot represents one outcome measure unless otherwise specified. Embedded Image Positive effect (p<0.05). Embedded Image Weak evidence of positive effect (0.05<p<0.1). Embedded Image No evidence of effect or negative effect.

  • A+YW, adolescents and young women; FP, family planning; RCT, randomised controlled trial.