Table 1

Outcome of mystery client visit to drug sellers by region and total, Colombia 2017

Study areaTotal
BogotáCoffee Axis
Outcome of visit
 No information on misoprostol provided39.211827.27033.7188
 Only information on misoprostol provided46.213956.814651.1285
 Misoprostol available for purchase14.744164115.385
Medications client had opportunity to purchase*
 Misoprostol only66.13783.33573.572
 Misoprostol+other drugs1.812.4122
 Non-abortifacient drugs21.4122.4113.313
Reasons for refusal†
 Does not sell drugs to induce abortion68.216781.417574.3342
 Medicine is only to be used in a health facility18.44520.54419.389
 Does not know what to sell for this purpose9.4237158.338
 Woman needs a prescription6.91710.7238.740
 Disagrees with abortion112716.33513.562
 Pregnancy too far along to terminate6.1154.295.224
 No drug in stock to induce an abortion2.971.942.411
 Wants to avoid problems associated with selling misoprostol2.463.372.813
 Client is young1.641.431.57
 Seller did not give reason6.5163.37523
Seller gave client a referral
Types of referrals given‡
 Health centre or health professional82.210670.79476.3200
 Other pharmacy11.61526.33519.150
 Advised to go to a seller in another city9.3127.5108.422
 Curandero/traditional healer001.50.82
  • *Injections include oxytocin, progesterone-based injectables and contraceptive injectables. Other pills and drugs include oral contraceptives, emergency contraception, antibiotics and other drugs not named by the seller. Unspecified pills were not identified by name, but were often described in a manner that suggests the seller was referring to misoprostol.

  • †Sellers may have been refusing to sell misoprostol or any medication to bring back a period/cause an abortion.

  • ‡As respondents could select more than one option, column percentages do not add up to 100%.