Table 2

Databases searched, search terms used, and reasons for adaptions

DatabaseSearch term usedAdaptions/notes
ACMSearched for (+fertility +awareness-based +planning +methods+ovulation +menstrual +cycle +mobile +applications +self+tracking +mhealth +ovulation +infertility +menstrual +cycle +mobile +applications+self +tracking +menses +pregnancy +menstrual-calendar diary +birth + self-tracking surveillance fertility +control +contraception +menstruation + self-tracking menstruation fertility) 2010
Excluded: soil, fertiliser
CINAHL self-tracking AND fertility awareness-based methods AND (mobile apps or mobile applications or apps) AND (mhealth or mobile health or m-health or mobile app or mobile application) AND fertility awareness AND mobile apps AND fertility AND (menstruation or menstrual cycle or menarche) AND ovulation OR (mobile applications or apps or mobile apps) AND ovulation
PubMedmhealth AND menstruation OR ovulation OR reproductive health OR fertility-awareness smart phone applications OR fertility-awareness cell phone applications OR ((fertility-awareness) AND menstru*) AND mobile apps OR menstru* AND self tracking OR mhealth AND reproductive health
Scopusfertility-awareness applications AND fertility monitoring applications OR tracking women’s periods OR mhealth AND menstru* OR fertili* OR ovulation OR menstru* AND mhealth AND OR reproductive health OR period AND trackingTITLE-ABS-KEY(fertility AND monitoring AND applications) Adjusted criteria: AND (EXCLUDE (SUBJ AREA,“AGRI”)) AND (EXCLUDE (SUBJ AREA,“EART”)) AND (EXCLUDE (SUBJ AREA,“ENVI”)) AND (LIMIT-TO (LANGUAGE, “English”)) AND (LIMIT-TO (EXACT KEYWORD, “Humans”
Google Scholar fertility OR menstru* AND self-tracking OR mobile apps self-tracking OR mobile apps and menstruation or ovulation OR fertility awareness-based mobile app for contraception OR fertility awareness-based mobile apps OR fertility mobile apps OR fertility monitoring mobile apps