Table 2

Reasons for posting and responses offered on forums

Reason for postingExample quotes of reasons for postingCategories of responses given to OP post and their frequencyExample quotes of responses
Urgently seeking help, and unsure of what to do “…So I had a Mirena fitted yesterday… my God I was not prepared for the pain and had awful awful craps… I can't help being completely paranoid that it's moved… I just want some reassurance it's normal?…” Sharing practical advice (occurred in 33 threads, with 73 mentions)
Questioning the OPs interpretation of symptoms (occurred in 10 threads, with 22 mentions)
Sharing practical advice:
“…Had mine in yesterday. 1/2 day of cramping totally manageable with some ibuprofen…”
Questioning interpretation of symptoms:
“…You're definitely normal OP! It won’t have moved, I had the same and once it passed I was so happy I'd had it fitted…”
Seeking to learn from the experience of others “…I’m new here but really wanted second opinions on the issue I’m having. Partner and I had a burst condom incident the day after my last period ended. The next day I went and got Levonelle (it was within 24 hours from the incident)… Has anyone had a Levonelle failure?… Ah, I’m going crazy with worry. Any advice would be much appreciated!…" Sharing of similar experience (occurred in 29 threads, with 98 mentions)
Acknowledgement of variation in personal experience (occurred in 12 threads, with 23 mentions)
Sharing of negative experiences (occurred in 18 threads, with 28 mentions)
Sharing of similar experience:
“…Yes, it failed for me and I ended up with an ectopic pregnancy…”
Acknowledgement of variation:
“…I think if you’re this late… you’re not pregnant. Obviously, some people might experience it differently, but I doubt you are as FRERs are so sensitive.…”
Sharing of negative experiences:
“…Levonelle messed with my cycle for a good 6 weeks…”
Seeking non-conventional, technical information “…I've been trying edible cannabis products ever since my state made them legal. I've been wondering if anyone smokes or eats edibles while using birth control. Has it conflicted with your birth control?…” Reference own clinical consultation (occurred in 18 threads, with 33 mentions)
Demonstrate a high level of knowledge (occurred in 30 threads, with 93 mentions)
Linking to external knowledge sources. (occurred in 2 threads with 6 mentions)
Reference own consultation:
“…I was on the pill for years and often smoked weed… Never got pregnant or had an issue with it. All my doctors were aware and told me it was fine…”
High level of knowledge AND linking to external sources:
“…Personally, I haven’t noticed an interaction nor would condone combining the two… but research has shown cannabis to influence female hormones, have a look at these scientific studies…”
Specifically requesting emotional support “…Please help me. I am feeling overwhelmed, grief-stricken, and alone. Any kind words would help…” Offer sympathy or empathy (occurred in 6 threads, with 12 mentions) Sympathy/empathy:
“…I have had the same experiences you have! I can't offer any advice but I thought it might help you to know you are NOT alone!…”
Seeking an approach to contraceptive side effects slightly outside a biomedical approach “…I eat a 1200 calorie high protein, fibre diet. I also drink tons of water… I've worked so hard I haven't had a soda in a year if the pill reverses… I would have suffered for nothing lol…what do I do?…” Offering alternative approaches to symptom management (occurred in 3 threads, with 29 mentions) Alternative approach:
“…Some people are 'volume eaters', other people respond more to the satisfaction that fat and protein stimulate… if you know which you are it will really help with the symptoms…”
  • FRER, First Response Early Result (pregnancy test); OP, original poster.