Table 3

Forum discussions as an adjunct to clinical consultations

Adjunct themesAdjunct subthemesExample quotes of adjunct motives
Clinical consultation inappropriatePosting on behalf of someone else “…My daughter has been put on the pill Rigevidon… Having read about it, it's scaring me… Will she get blood clots, a stroke or even die… she seems fine… Has anyone been on this pill or have any advice?…”
Clinical consultation inconvenientPosting because cannot easily access clinical services “…My doctor had told me to get the coil but not recommended which one as they don't provide the service I will need to go to a clinic. I need some information, I wanted the copper coil but with the heavy periods I don’t want to become anaemic. What about Mirena? Has anyone any experience of either? Advice would be very much appreciated.”
Clinical consultation insufficientPosting on forums for clarification of information provided in clinical care
Posting on forums, following a procedure to determine normality
Posting on forums before a procedure, seeking insight
Posting on forums to question medical experience
“…I've just started taking the combined pill… never taken any pills before. The person at the clinic recommended I take a 5-day break instead of 7. What is the reason for this and should i really take the 5-day break or go for the 7?…”
“…I got my implant 3 days ago. I was told I “wouldn’t feel a thing”. The insertion was agony and bled lots. It continued to bleed, and bruise until my entire arm went numb and it was a constant source of pain. Three days later and the bleeding has gone. It’s still bandaged. Is this normal? Did anyone else get this or did it go wrong?…"
“…I guess I am frightened. I’m more frightened of the operation [female sterlisation] than the actual decision, what is the operation like and what follows? Thanks in advance…”
“… I am desperate, I really wanted the coil to be OK and I don’t know if I have an underlying problem that my doctor hasn’t recognised?…”