Table 1

Background and pregnancy- and abortion-related experiences of women from France requesting telemedicine abortion through Women on Web between 1 January and 31 December 2020

Demographic data*Median (IQR)
 Age (years)29 (11)
 Gestational age (days)36 (15)
Ultrasound prior to consultation (n=774, missing n=35) n (frequencies in %)
 Yes130 (16.7)
 No644 (83.2)
Reasons for not having an ultrasound† (n=644)
 I am afraid my partner or other people will find out218 (33.8)
 I thought I did not need one as I am sure I am pregnant, and I know how long I have been pregnant212 (32.9)
 I cannot afford one209 (32.5)
 I cannot get to a clinic to get one because of distance or lack of transportation109 (16.9)
 I just did not have time to do it86 (13.4)
 I did not know that I needed one49 (7.6)
 I am unsure where to get one49 (7.6)
Reasons for unwanted pregnancy (n=809)
 Contraceptives that I used did not work436 (53.8)
 Did not use any contraceptives335 (41.4)
 Rape36 (4.4)
 I wanted a pregnancy, but my situation has changed2 (0.2)
Reasons for wanting an abortion†‡ (n=766, missing n=43)
 I just cannot raise a child at this point of my life407 (53.1)
 No money to raise a child328 (41.8)
 My family is complete210 (27.4)
 I am too young118 (15.4)
 Want to finish school117 (15.2)
 I am too old49 (6.3)
 My partner does not want a child16 (2.0)
 I am ill12 (1.5)
Previous abortion experience‡ (n=737, missing n=72)
 0475 (64.4)
 1201 (27.2)
 2+61 (8.2)
Child status‡ (n=750, missing n=59)
 0316 (42.1)
 1135 (18.0)
 2–3256 (34.1)
 4+43 (5.7)
  • *All the questions had prespecified options that women could select.

  • †Multiple responses were allowed for the questions on reasons for not having an ultrasound and for wanting an abortion; consequently the total responses exceed 100%.

  • ‡Questions regarding reasons for wanting an abortion, previous abortion experience, and child status were optional, which explains the missing data.