Table 2

Financial and health parameters during the COVID-19 pandemic for all countries included in the analysis

Country Date stay-at-home requirements began Date stay-at-home requirements ended Number of deaths due to COVID-19 when stay-at-home requirement ended Stringency of stay-at-home requirements
(countrywide domestic travel restriction)
Government Economic Support Index Location and scope of abortion service provision
Portugal19 March 202014 April 202053587.96
75Abortion available on request through 10 weeks’ gestation with a 3-day waiting period and provided mostly in hospitals. Waiting period suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic and follow-up permitted by telemedicine, but in-person visit to provider still required.
Northern Ireland23 March 202010 April 202047675.93
(yes, including to the rest of the UK)
100No abortion services available until new legislation brought into effect on 10 April 2020.
Hungary12 March 20204 May 202035176.85
75Abortion available in certain circumstances through 12 weeks’ gestation and provided in hospitals. No medication abortion available. Surgical abortions suspended early in the pandemic due to government ban on non-life saving procedures.
Malta17 March 2020*1 June 20209NA
(no, but no travel outside the country)
NANo abortion services available.
Italy23 March 202010 April 202018 28193.52
50Abortion available on request through 90 days’ gestation with a 7-day waiting period and provided mostly in hospitals.
Germany9 March 20204 May 2020669273.15
(no, only a few specific districts)
88Abortions provided on request through 14 weeks’ gestation with a 3-day waiting period and mostly provided in doctor’s offices and clinics. Preabortion counselling offered by teleconsult.
The Netherlands6 March 202011 May 2020544080
63Abortions provided on request up until viability with a 5-day waiting period and mostly provided in clinics.
Great Britain23 March 202013 May 202032 69276
100Medication abortion provision available in person at a clinic but also by a fully remote service model, including phone consultation and pills provided by mail or pick-up at a clinic.
  • *Malta did not issue a population-wide directive, so that date on which the Maltese government issued a directive to close public places is used in lieu.