Table 4

Aspects of a perfect abortion service from the day 14 questionnaire (ie, how important each aspect was considered by women)

Having an ultrasound scan30253.111620.415126.5
Evening face-to-face clinic13323.820636.223040.4
Evening telephone consultation6110.820836.729852.6
Skype or video consultation38367.97813.810318.3
A mobile phone app to send or receive information in advance9217.510118.036765.5
Online booking6612.111921.836166.1
Medication posted to me7413.015226.834260.2
Medication that could be collected from a local pharmacy5810.214325.236664.6
Able to get the treatment from my general practitioner11219.816028.229451.8
  • Some women did not answer certain questions but responded to others and so the denominators and totals may vary slightly between variables.