Table 1

Selected sociodemographic characteristics of analytic sample

Age (years)
Gender identity
 Woman (including trans woman)88055.40
 Man (including trans man)64940.90
 Identify gender in another way†593.70
Identify as trans
 Not sure130.80
 Prefer not to say10.10
Sexual identity
 Multiple sexual identities‡905.70
 Gay or lesbian654.10
 Not sure251.60
 Prefer not to say90.60
 Prefer to self-describe80.50
 White Scottish or White British133384.00
 White, not Scottish or British1247.80
 Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British543.40
 Mixed or multiple ethnic groups412.60
 Black African, Caribbean, Black Scottish or Black British201.30
 Other ethnic group100.60
 Prefer not to say40.30
 Not sure10.10
Disability, physical or mental health condition
 Not sure654.10
 Prefer not to say231.50
Main living arrangement in past year
 With my family/carers (eg, parent or guardian)79750.90
 In a flat or house share33121.10
 With my partner20012.80
 In student accommodation1187.50
 On my own1076.80
 Experienced homelessness/no fixed accommodation90.60
 In supported accommodation50.30
Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation quintiles
 1 (most deprived)25219.30
 5 (least deprived)32925.10
  • *Denominators vary across variables because of item non-response.

  • †Includes non-binary (n=38), prefer to self-describe (n=11) and prefer not to say (n=10).

  • ‡Includes people who ticked multiple sexual identity categories (eg, bisexual AND queer; queer AND prefer to self-describe).