Table 2

Descriptive results of key outcomes

Quality of consultation n (%) of sample reporting ability to talk privately during consultation
Yes, definitely, I could talk privatelyYes, somewhat, but I had to take actionNot sure, I had to be careful
1185 (95.3%)57 (4.6%)1 (0.1%)
n (%) of sample reporting opportunity to ask questions during consultation
Yes, had opportunity to ask questionsNo opportunity to ask questions
1234 (99.3%)9 (0.7%)
Accessing medication n (%) of sample reporting receiving their medications by post or pick-up from a clinic
PostalPick-upUnknown or combination
846 (68.1%)391 (31.5%)6 (0.5%)
n (%) of postal sample reporting concerns about receiving medications by post
Yes, had concernsNo concernsMissing response
71 (8.4%)746 (88.2%)29 (3.4%)
Managing the process at home n (%) of sample reporting they had enough information to take the medications themselves
Yes, definitelyYes, somewhatNo, not enough information
1148 (92.4%)68 (5.5%)27 (2.2%)
n (%) of sample reporting concerns about the safety of taking medications themselves
Yes, had concernsNo concerns
157 (12.6%)1086 (87.4%)
n (%) of sample reporting being able to manage their pain during EMA effectively
Yes, managed effectivelyYes, somewhat effectivelyNot sureDid not manage effectively
1093 (87.9%)103 (8.3%)4 (0.3%)43 (3.5%)
n (%) of sample reporting confidence they had passed the pregnancy
Yes, confidentNot sureNo, not confident
1064 (85.6%)142 (11.4%)37 (3.0%)
Overall satisfaction and preferences n (%) of sample rating their experience of telemedicine EMA
Very goodGoodNeither good nor poorPoorVery poorDon’t know
1047 (84.2%)173 (13.9%)10 (0.8%)5 (0.4%)2 (0.2%)6 (0.5%)
n (%) of sample reporting they would have preferred face-to-face care for this abortion
Would have preferred face-to-faceWould not have preferred face-to-faceNot sure
201 (16.2%)1035 (83.3%)7 (0.6%)
n (%) of sample reporting their preference for abortion care pathways in the future
Would prefer face-to-face in futureWould prefer telephone in futureWould prefer video link in futureDon't know/it depends
275 (22.1%)763 (61.4%)61 (4.9%)144 (11.6%)
  • EMA, early medical abortion.