Table 3

Respondents agreement with statements about sexual healthcare provided via telehealth methods during lockdown (n=28)

I trusted that what I told the nurse/doctor would be kept confidential2485.7310.700
I had enough time to talk about everything I wanted to talk about2071.4621.413.6
The technology worked well2071.4621.400
I had enough privacy to talk to the nurse/doctor from my home/place of lockdown1864.3621.4310.7
The nurse/doctor checked I understood everything1864.3828.613.6
It was easy to understand what the nurse/doctor was saying1864.3725.027.1
I understood what (if anything) would happen next or what I needed to do next1760.7725.0310.7
The nurse/doctor I spoke to was someone I knew1553.6414.3828.6
It was easier than going to the clinic1346.4932.1517.9
  • *Don’t know (DK) responses are not shown in the table: only one person responded ‘DK’ to all questions, and one person responded DK to “the technology worked well”. Percentages were calculated using n=28 as the denominator.