Table 2

Patent medicine vendors (PMVs)’ report of misoprostol dispensation practices for induced abortion by type of PMV provider

VariableNurse/midwife (n=98)CHO/CHEW (n=22)Total (n=120)P value
Dispense misoprostol without prescription*9798.92210011999.10.535
Misoprostol dosage (μg) dispensed to help bring on a woman’s period if she has missed a period†<0.001
Suggested route of misoprostol administration‡Nurse/midwife (n=98)CHO/CHEW (n=22)Total (n=120)
Under tongue (sublingual)8485.72210010688.30.169
In cheek (buccal)55.21986.42420.2<0.001
Approaches for estimating gestational age of pregnancy‡
 Last menstrual period9810022100120100
 Bimanual exam6061.2006050<0.001
 Ultrasound scan66.
 Does not estimate110010.80.815
Provide pain management§9496.92195.511596.6
Pain management options provided‡
 Diclofenac or Feldene8082.52195.510184.9
Available for follow-up consult97992210011999.20.634
When advised to return‡
 Heavy bleeding9810022100120100
 Unusual or bad smelling vaginal discharge6364.9221008571.40.005
 Feeling very sick6466221008672.30.006
 If no bleeding or cramping during 2 weeks after taking the pills2931.22090.94942.6<0.001
Services provided for women who report they are still pregnant after taking misoprostol
 Take clinical history6667.32090.98671.70.019
 Conduct a clinical examination5859.2418.26251.70.001
 Refer to a facility6364.3836.47159.20.004
 Reassure woman of outcome(s)9092.91254.510385.8<0.001
Proportion of PMVs who report some clients experience complications3131.614.53226.70.009
Services provided when complications ariseNurse/midwife (n=31)CHO/CHEW (n=1)Total (n=32)
First aid31100003196.9<0.001
Give other/additional medications00110013.1<0.001
Refer to a facility31100110032100
  • *One PMV was missing data on whether misoprostol was provided by prescription.

  • †Refers to dosage for abortion.

  • ‡Multiple responses possible.

  • §Data on pain management were available for a subsample of PMVs (n=119).

  • CHEW, community health extension worker; CHO, community health officer; PMV, patent medicine vendor.