Table 1

Description of abortion clients, medications dispensed and abortion outcome as recorded in patent medicine vendor logbooks*

VariableAmong clients provided misoprostol for induced abortion (n=4924)
Age of client (years)††
Recorded gestational age of pregnancy (weeks)
Misoprostol dose dispensed (μg)
Pain management provided487699.0
Contraception provided‡
 Short-term method351171.8
 Long-term method§97419.9
 No method4038.2
Abortion outcome
 Complete abortion422485.8
 Abortion with complication managed by PMV330.7
 Abortion with complication referred to another provider1743.5
  • *Data on post abortion care (PAC) clients excluded because of observed limitations in accurate PAC documentation.

  • †Data on age were missing for four clients.

  • ‡Data on contraception provided were missing for 36 clients.

  • §Long-term methods included primarily women who received implants and a few who received intrauterine contraceptive devices.

  • PMV, patent medicine vendor.