Table 2

Individual and contextual factors associated with accessing Interrupción Legal de Embarazo (ILE) services from a more marginalised (top four quintiles) versus less marginalised (bottom quintile) municipality, Mexico 2016–2019 (N=20 734)

OR95% CI
Individual-level variables
Age (years) (REF=18–24)
 12–170.96(0.80 to 1.15)
 25–291.09(0.99 to 1.19)
 30+0.94(0.85 to 1.03)
 Education: primary, secondary or less1.46(1.35 to 1.58)
 Marital status: single0.96(0.89 to 1.04)
 Parity: first pregnancy1.03(0.93 to 1.12)
Municipality-level variables
Adolescent fertility rate above third quintile (80.54)1.89(1.68 to 2.12)
Regions (REF=Central)
 North0.36(0.21 to 0.60)
 South2.98(2.58 to 3.45)
  • CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio; REF, reference.