Table 2

Categorical reasons for choosing online abortion over formal abortion services among women in Germany requesting abortion from Women on Web between 1 January to 31 December 2019

Reasons for choosing online abortion* (n=1048, missing n=42)% (n)
Need to keep my abortion a secret from partner/family48.0 (502)
Would rather keep my abortion private47.7 (500)
Would be more comfortable at home44.0 (461)
Hard to access because of cost40.2 (421)
Would rather take care of my own abortion39.6 (415)
Hard to access because of stigma37.4 (392)
Hard to access because of work or school commitments30.9 (324)
Prefer to have my partner/friend with me during the process24.4 (256)
Hard to access because of childcare commitments23.8 (249)
Hard to access because of legal restrictions17.2 (180)
Do not want to deal with protestors13.4 (140)
Hard to access because of distance10.9 (114)
I find it empowering10.8 (113)
Hard to access because my partner is abusive5.4 (57)
Abortion pills are not available in my country5.2 (54)
Hard to access because I am an undocumented immigrant5.0 (52)
Other reason3.1 (32)
  • Reasons listed are in response to the following question in the consultation form (multiple answers are allowed): “What are the main reasons why you are requesting an abortion through Women on Web?”.

  • *Multiple responses allowed, total response percentages therefore exceed 100%.