Table 2

Results of logistic regressions for (A) reporting difficulty accessing contraception by pre/post lockdown conception and (B) or having a planned pregnancy by difficulty accessing contraception

ParameterOR95% CIP value
Difficulty accessing contraception (yes/no)
 Unadjusted OR post-lockdown11.297.5116.96<0.001
 Adjusted OR post-lockdown8.965.8913.63<0.001
Planned pregnancy pre- vs post-lockdown (LMUP score >9)
 Unadjusted OR post-lockdown:0.720.650.8<0.001
 Adjusted OR post-lockdown0.880.790.980.025
  • CI, confidence interval; LMUP, London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy; OR, odds ratio.