Table 3

Non-randomised, observational comparison of continued use of the intrauterine device (IUD) at 6 weeks among women who received immediate or delayed insertion of the copper IUD after medical abortion at 17–20 weeks’ gestation

Immediate IUD placement
Delayed IUD placement
Pearson’s Chi-square test
n (%)n (%)P value*
Using original IUD†29 (67.4)13 (20.0)<0.001
Using any IUD40 (93.0)25 (38.5)<0.001
IUD inserted as plannedn=43*n=14‡
Using original IUD29 (67.4)13 (92.9)0.084
Complete expulsion6 (14.0)0 (0.0)
Intracervical placement§7 (16.3)0 (0.0)
Malpositioned and symptomatic1 (2.3)1 (7.1)
Pain at IUD insertion¶ n=38n=14~1.000¶
 None or mild29 (76.3)10 (71.4)
 Moderate7 (18.4)3 (21.4)
 High2 (5.3)1 (7.7)
  • *Analysis does not include missing data (n=2).

  • †Defined as use of an IUD adequately placed with no clinical indication for removal.

  • ‡Secondary non-randomised, observational comparison of women who had the IUD inserted. Denominator (14) includes two participants in the immediate arm that crossed over to the delayed arm. Expulsion/removal in immediate compared with delayed insertion (p=0.044).

  • §Four participants had no symptoms or clinical signs on examination thought to be related to the intracervical placement, one participant had no symptoms but a blood-tinged discharge and two participants had cramping but no clinical signs on examination.

  • ¶Fisher’s exact test, fove participants with missing data.

  • IUD, intrauterine device.