Table 4

Methodological quality of the included qualitative studies using the MMAT.24

Is a clear research question defined?Are the data fitting the research questions?Is the qualitative approach appropriate?Are data collection methods appropriate?Are findings adequately derived from data?Is the interpretation of results sufficiently substantiated by data?Is there sufficient coherence between data sources, collection, analysis and interpretation?
Dodd, 202029YesYesYesYes*Yes†No‡Yes
McCaffery, 200326YesYesYesYes§Yes†YesYes
McCaffery, 200627YesYesYesYes¶Yes†YesYes
Nagendiram, 202030YesYesYesYes*Yes**YesYes
Patel, 201828YesYesYesYesaYes†YesYes
  • *Semistructured interviews.

  • †Framework analyses.

  • ‡No information on frequencies of the attitudes were provided.

  • §Focus group discussion.

  • ¶In-depth interviews.

  • **Thematic analyses.

  • MMAT, Mixed Methods Appraisal Tool.