Table 3

Example quotes in schematic presentation divided by categories and subcategories derived from the email correspondence from Women on Web consultations among women in the Netherlands between 6 March 2019 and 5 March 2020

CategoriesSubcategoriesExample quotes
Privacy concernsFamily-related privacy concernsThe reason is because my family is very strict and I cannot leave the house. I beg you for help please, help me. I have little time! I live in Holland but I am afraid that my visit to the clinic will be exposed
Partner-related privacy concernsMy husband wants to have this baby, but I don't. He always checks my way and knows where I'm going. We have a daughter and if he finds out, his reaction will be serious. I feel desperate and ashamed because I should never have put myself in this situation. I know it is legal in Holland but I don't feel free to do it
Religion-related privacy concernsIn my religion it is forbidden to have an abortion. I want no one to find out about this, hence my decision to contact you. And if I have to go to a clinic then they will find out since I will have to have a babysitter for my baby
COVID-19Infection with virusDue to corona infection of my daughter I have to stay in the house for 2 weeks. For that reason, I will not be able to go to the clinic until 3 weeks from now. I find this mentally very difficult
DistanceFamily doctor: I have consulted with CSGNN Groningen (center for sexual health), but they are unable to cooperate. An example solution would be: digital consultation and then send medicine to the pharmacist on Vlieland. Patient has to travel to Groningen herself. Because of Corona (she has to travel by public transport) and costs she does not want this. Also, travel time is 1h45 boat+1h30 public transport (one way)
Language barrierI am urgently asking for help because communication is limited by this language barrier and now COVID is making it worse. Please let me know because I will have to look for another solution because for me there is no point in waiting
CostsI have not been to an abortion doctor because I do not have health insurance due to the high cost of private social security. Because I don't have health insurance, I think I have to pay for the abortion and at the moment I can't afford it because I was recently laid off from my job due to the restrictions in the hospitality industry in this country
OtherWaiting timeWhen we found out I was pregnant, we had contacted the abortion clinic for an appointment, but I had to get a referral letter from the family doctor first. The family doctor told me that I could only go in 1 week because I had not yet registered. Which would be too late for me to have a medicated abortion
Daycare for childrenI have a 15-month-old daughter, no network to support her and the closest clinic is more than 2 hours away by public transport. I have no driver’s licence and, as mentioned, no network around me
AgoraphobiaI am aware that abortion is legal here in the Netherlands. The problem is my generalised anxiety disorder (agoraphobia to be exact) that I have been dealing with for about 12 years. I have extreme fear of leaving my house and I get extreme panic attacks that are almost unbearable. Please, can you send me the pills to my address. There is literally no one who can or will help me. I can't handle pregnancy because of my mental state. I have been in bed for 3 days in a row with panic attacks every 10 min because of this situation