Table 2

Compliance/adherence, satisfaction and the likelihood of continued use of levonorgestrel 1.5 mg for pericoital use

How participants ordered the study pill (n=300)*
 Call centre31.0
 Doses dispensed (total)2291
Doses obtained at a time (units) (n=565)†
Proportion of women who obtained study pill more than once (n=300)*11037.0
Experience talking to the e-commerce pharmacist (n=266)
 Not supportive (harsh, judgmental)3914.7
 Do not know/no answer269.8
Satisfaction with e-commerce pharmacy services (n=201)§
 Very satisfied10049.8
 Not satisfied/would not order again3517.4
Reason for being very satisfied/satisfied (n=166)‡
 It is convenient/easy to use15191.0
 It is dependable (ie, I can call them if there is a problem)4627.7
 It is discreet3420.5
 I dislike visiting a pharmacy2012.0
 Other (specify)6136.7
Days having sex per month (n) (n=266)
Using study pill every time having sex (n=266)
 Every time21279.7
 Most of the time3513.2
 Half the time124.5
Average number of times per month used the study pill1.3
Time of use (before sex)
 Always before (n=266)10539.5
 Within 6 hours before sex (n=105)8177.1
Average hours before sex (mean (SD))4.9 (6)
Time of use (after sex)
 Always after (n=266)12346.2
 Within 6 hours after sex (n=123)8972.4
 Average hours after sex (mean (SD))4.1 (4)
 Time of use flexible (ie, sometimes before/after sex) (n=266)3513.2
Reasons for using study pill before sex (n=105)‡
 I like to be prepared3230.5
 So I do not have to rush54.8
 It feels safer5047.6
 So I will not forget5451.4
 Other reasons2422.9
Reasons for using the study pill after sex (n=123)‡
 I do not want to use the product unless I know I need it6250.4
 I usually do not know in advance when I am going to have sex3528.5
 It is easier for me to remember2419.5
 Other reasons4435.8
 Would recommend LNG 1.5 mg for pericoital use to others (n=266)22283.5
 Very satisfied/satisfied with LNG 1.5 mg for pericoital use (n=266)25094.0
 Would ‘definitely’ continue using LNG 1.5 mg for pericoital use if it were available beyond study period (n=266)20577.1
  • *Includes 34 women who obtained the study pill but did not complete the survey.

  • †Total orders.

  • ‡Multiple response option.

  • §Numbers do not add up to 266 due to missing cases.

  • LNG, levonorgestrel; USSD, Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.