Table 2

Comparison of selected characteristics of persons with and without children to whom abortion packages were shipped through WoW, 2017–2021

Selected characteristicChildren
Yes (n=344)No (n=314)
Circumstances of pregnancy (p=0.036)
 I did not use contraceptives70 (241)60 (188)
 I wanted a pregnancy first, but situation changed3(11)2(6)
 I was raped2(6)2(6)
 The contraceptives I used did not work25 (86)36 (114)
Reasons for accessing abortion care (p<0.001)
 I just cannot have a child at this point in my life60 (206)72 (226)
 I have no money to raise a child29 (98)36 (112)
 My family is complete27 (93)3(8)
 I want to finish school5(16)20 (62)
 I am too old9 (32)2(5)
 My partner does not want a child5(17)5(16)
  • All data are given as a percentage (n).

  • WoW, Women on Web.