Table 2

Relationship with DAP and predicted probability, sensitivity, specificity, AuROC, PPV and NPV of other questions

nMedian DAP scoreIQRP valuePredicted probability of pregnancy95% CISensitivitySpecificityAuROCPPVNPV
APPS score*78%74%0.7636%95%
 52653.643.29 to 3.86<0.0010.030.019 to 0.044
 10592.502.29–2.710.090.063 to 0.107
 15351.711.50– to 0.243
 20131.070.86–1.500.470.362 to 0.490
 25420.570.36–0.640.680.594 to 0.761
Overall, when I think about becoming pregnant in the next 3 months, I feel:
 Mostly positive1170.640.43–0.93<0.0010.560.47 to 0.6575%76%0.7537%94%
 More positive than negative841.291.07–1.640.370.26 to 0.48
 In the middle1072.001.57–2.360.140.07 to 0.21
 Don't feel strongly212.142.00–2.430.07−0.06 to 0.19
 More negative than positive2642.642.36– to 0.13
 Mostly negative3953.503.14–3.790.030.02 to 0.05
Are you currently trying to get pregnant?
 Yes800.640.36–0.86<0.0010.690.58 to 0.5037%97%0.6769%89%
 No9072.792.07–3.430.110.09 to 0.13
Are you thinking about trying to get pregnant in the next year?
 Yes961.210.79–1.71<0.0010.530.42 to 0.6371%84%0.7734%96%
 Maybe971.861.36– to 0.22
 No7073.072.57–3.570.040.20 to 0.06
  • *APPS score is continuous from 5 to 25, 5 points shown for illustration, therefore, n does not add up to the full sample.

  • APPS, Attitude towards Potential Pregnancy Scale; AUROC, area under the receiver operating curve; DAP, Desire to Avoid Pregnancy; NPV, negative predictive value; PPV, positive predictive value.