Table 3

Participant experiences with medical abortion by site type (n=1847)

TotalPharmaciesClinicsP value
Felt prepared for what happened after taking the medical abortion pills0.273
 No or don't know25513.8%859.1%17018.7%
Experienced but not expected
 Saw clots/tissue1015.5%357.3%663.7%0.657
 More pain985.3%646.8%343.7%0.293
 Heavier bleeding874.7%131.4%748.1% 0.005
 Longer bleeding723.9%151.6%576.3% 0.002
 Higher or longer fever291.6%161.7%131.4%0.880
 More gastrointestinal symptoms (nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea)160.9%40.4%121.3%0.128
 Incomplete abortion20.1%00.0%20.2%0.994
Would recommend MA pills to a friend0.953
 Would not recommend any type of abortion1447.9%11112.1%333.7%
 Don't know1769.7%909.8%869.5%
  • MA, medical abortion.