Table 1

Characteristics of participating countries (n=24) and participants (n=10 672)

Characteristics of participating countries
Participating counties by region
 Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)315.4
 Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)519.2
 North America (NA)27.7
 East Asia and the Pacific (EAP)315.4
 Europe and Central Asia (ECA)1142.3
Participating counties by income level
 High-income countries1557.7
 Upper-middle-income countries830.8
 Low- or low-middle-income countries111.5
Number of participants by country (minimum–maximum)13–2209
Characteristics of participants
Age (years)
 Mean (SD)29.9 (7.8)
 Median (IQR)28.0 (24.0–35.0)
Marital status
 Single, no partner291827.4
 Not married, have a partner503047.2
 Legally married246723.2
 No formal education200.2
 Some/completed primary education5995.8
 Some/completed secondary education185017.9
 Some college/university166216.0
 Completed college/university621760.1
 Has no religious belief421148.0
 Has a religious belief455852.0
Number of children