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Psychosexual bodywork: should we refer our patients, and if so why?: author's response
  1. Susan Quilliam, BA, MNLP
  1. Freelance Writer, Broadcaster and Agony Aunt, Cambridge, UK

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I very much welcome the letter1 from Drs Ewan and Domoney, and not only because it highlights the invaluable role played by the ‘secret army’ of psychosexually-aware doctors as well as the crucial contribution to that role made by the Institute of Psychosexual Medicine. I welcome the letter because, as I made clear in my original article, there are a plethora of arguments both for and against the psychosexual bodywork approach, and I firmly believe that informed debate about these arguments will serve to bring both advocates and opposers to a place where best practice is clarified, actioned and maintained. If my article has stimulated such debate not only in the Journal but also for organisations, for practices and for individual practitioners, then I’m delighted.


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