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An innovative training for nurses in sexual and reproductive health
  1. Maddy Ward
  1. Specialist Nurse, Westside Contraception Services, London, UK; madelaineward{at}

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I would like to congratulate the authors on their excellent article entitled “An innovative training for nurses in sexual reproductive health” in the July 2012 issue of this Journal.1

I totally agree with the five benefits of their methods of training. The most important one is matched multidisciplinary skills, this being so necessary for nurses to undertake further training to fit implants and intrauterine devices/systems.

I was a founder member of the Faculty Associate Members Working Group (established in 2005) that has been trying to resolve the problem of opening up the Faculty's medical Diploma to nurses. Some 7 years on, surely now the time is appropriate to permit this for the future training of nurses in sexual and reproductive health?

The Faculty now has 16 nurses training doctors in fitting subdermal implants and has nationally recognised their competence and skills. Please could the Faculty produce an accreditation mechanism for nurses in sexual and reproductive health?


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